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Since 1987 – providing the restaurant, lodging and hospitality industry with Quality Assurance Evaluations, from a consumer's point of view.

Our Services

First and foremost, our evaluations are tailored to each client's specific needs and requirements. We never use cookie-cutter report criteria or indiscriminate scoring guidelines.


Evaluations are conducted on an unannounced and unidentified basis and typically focus

on appearance and maintenance of the facility, performance of staff, quality of service, accommodations, cleanliness, amenities, ambiance, dining, security, hospitality, and overall guest satisfaction.


Reports are compiled in a concise, conscientious, timely fashion, and presented in a manner that allows management to instantly assess problems areas and/or highlights of our visit.


Our Quality Assurance Evaluations are provided as a tool to assist management and staff in recognizing those areas of business operations that may need improvement in order to ensure the utmost in guest satisfaction is being provided at all times.


In years past, industry studies cautioned that a single dissatisfied customer would tell, on average, 17 friends of their concerns. Today, that same person can tell millions of prospective customers, with just a single click!


Remember... Quality Consultants will tell you what needs improvement...  Dissatisfied customers/guests will tell their friends... and the world.


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